Why pay £10 a month for a site forever and ever?

logo-redsSomeone asked me recently, why would anyone pay £10 a month for a website for an indeterminate amount of time when they could buy one for a one off payment and be done with it.

It’s an excellent question, and actually, depending on your needs, paying a one off fee might suit you better.  In that case, we offer such a service via our main site at Little Voice Communications Ltd, and have a number of clients who prefer to work this way.

The benefits of the monthly payment scheme

However we do believe that there are some excellent benefits to the £10 a month or £100 a year model.

Firstly, included in that monthly fee are your web hosting costs.  For one off sites, our current annual charge for web hosting is an extremely competitive £40 per annum for smaller sites, rising to £100 a month for large sites. With BothyBiz you don’t have these fees, and you can make your site as big as you like.

Secondly it’s simple and easy to change the look of your site by changing to a different template – so there is no need to worry about having a tired looking site – you can change the look with the flick of a switch. We have a number of premium templates for you to choose from, and we are continually adding more. Many of these are not available free because we have pre-paid for you to have the opportunity to use them. By paying this premium we are able to offer you many more design options within each template.If you pay a one off fee for a site, then you will encounter re-design costs every time you want to change it.

Thirdly you have access to a range of premium plugins, including e-commerce, social media, forums, security, forms etc that, again, we have acquired on your behalf. To add such plugins to a one-off site would incur extra charges or development fees at the start.

Fourthly, we ensure your site moves with the times seamlessly, so if there are any new important trends in web development, and new exciting tools available, or conversely if any features go out of date, we have anticipated this on your behalf and your site will remain current. One off sites often have to be rebuilt as technology progresses.

And finally, the BothyBiz experience doesn’t start and end with your website. When you sign up as a web member you receive free advertising for your site on the BothyBiz network, and through our ‘Featured Member’ tweets, Facebook statuses and Google Plus mentions. You also get members special offers, skill swap forums, useful hints and tips and any other goodies we can throw at you.

PLUS you can introduce other members and get money off future monthly or yearly fees!

With all these benefits you might now be thinking that £10 a month or £100 a year doesn’t seem a lot – and you’re right – these are introductory prices designed to give our initial crop of members a great deal and they won’t last forever. So if you’re tempted – go for it soon before we put the prices up!