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Why do you take 15% commission on shop sales?


15% of my shop profits seems a lot to be taking – why do you take 15%?

Category: Tags: asked 19 December, 2012

1 Answer


There are two reasons why we take commission.  Firstly, more support is required from us when members set up and administer shops and we hope to recoup that cost through successful sales.  Secondly, we work hard to ensure that internet browsers actually find the BothyBiz shop and the goods for sale. This can involve us paying 3rd parties to help us to promote the shop.

Other ecommerce sites (ebay, etsy) charge sellers an up front fee for every item they advertise for sale.  We don’t do that, because we don’t want to discourage our members from selling as many items as they like – so if you don’t sell anything, it doesn’t cost you a penny!