Press release = free advertising

press releaseI wanted to remind you of the value of issuing regular press releases. Whenever you introduce a new product or service, partner with another business, sponsor someone or do a charitable deed, open a new premises or branch or take on another key member of staff it is well worth taking the time to send out a press release to your local or national press news rooms.

Any coverage you receive this way is free advertising for your business and not to be sniffed at.

The best press releases give journalists print ready copy for their newsletters i.e. they can just lift your text and place it in the newspaper. It should include

  • a short, catchy headline
  • a summary of your story
  • more detail – include statistics where you can, biographical details or local/national interest information
  • quotes from a key member of staff and/or other individuals who are significant to your story, making sure that these quotes develop or enhance your story.
  • time/place for launches or photo opportunities or attached a high quality professional looking photo
  • a short biography of your organisation(s)
  • contact details in case they want to follow your story up.

Try to keep it as short, but as informative as possible. If writing is just not your thing, employ someone to do it for you. Little Voice Communications write many press releases on behalf of their clients.

p.s. it you are sending the press release out to several newsrooms, make use of the BCC function in your email client rather than show the publications all the other publications you have targeted.