Introduce and Save

Introduce and SaveOne unique way that members can reduce their following year’s subscription or receive money off special goods and services is to introduce new members to the BothyBiz network.

For each new member introduced, points are allocated e.g.

1 new ‘Listing’ member gives 3 points.

1 new ‘Web’ member gives 10 points.

Points accumulated in any one membership year can be redeemed against membership fees for the following year, or against special offers for goods and services over the current membership year. At the start of a new membership year the points total is reset to zero, so members must use their points during their current 12 months of membership, or to offset the cost of their following year’s membership.

Points equivalent quick calculator

Membership type Annual Subscription Equivalent Monthly subscription equivalent
Listing 30 points 36 points
Web 100 points 120 points


Some examples

A ‘Web’ member could introduce 10 new ‘Web’ members and receive 100 points. This they could use towards next year’s membership fees, meaning that, in effect membership is free next year.

A ‘Listing’ member could introduce 5 ‘Web’ members, earning 50 points. The cost of their next year’s annual fees is equal to 30 points, so with the extra 20 points they could either upgrade to ‘Web’ and enjoy a reduced membership fee, or redeem their 20 points against a member’s special offer. Several special offers will run throughout the membership year.

A listing monthly subscriber who holds 20 points, can reduce their annual cost by £20 for the following year, so instead of paying £3 per month, they will only pay £1.33 per month for their subscription the following year.

In order to be allocated points, members must direct the new members they have introduced to add their names in the box allocated on their subscription application.

And of course, the friends you introduce will also benefit from ‘introduce and save’.