Beware of big names and bigger prices

baffled,comTwice in the last week I have come across small businesses who have shelled out £40-£50 a month to have big named brands bring traffic to their website with poor results.

The first one, a well known directory promised lots of hits from local businesses for around £40 per month and actually delivered only sales calls, and junk mail from other businesses to the client.  The client knew exactly where the calls came from because this particular directory had spelt their name wrongly.

The second business charged £50 a month to drive more business to the client’s website. When I looked through their google analytics, the number of hits continued to be extremely low, and none of these visitors to the site had resulted in a sale.

It’s hard enough for small businesses to market their services without being over promised and over charged for directories and search engine optimisation. As I mentioned in the previous content creation article, the first port of call when optimising a site to be found is to get the content matching the most sensible search terms, and any company offering the services mentioned above should really start there.

Also, hits don’t necessarily mean sales.  The trick is to get your site found by the right sort of buyer, one that will be interested in what you are offering and be ready to buy something which appeals.

Maybe you think I should be naming and shaming the businesses, but really as far as SEO is concerned, if I started a list it would be so long that I’d be here all day.

Do you have any such experiences? Do you feel ‘experts’ have ripped you off in terms of getting more hits to your site?

Alternatively, do you have a good experience to share? What has worked for you?

Please let us learn from you by commenting below.