All about Web Hosting

web hosting by bothybizWhat is web hosting?

Think of web hosting as a storage space you rent where all your internet files are held. If someone wants to view one of your pages, they take the page from a file within your storage space and open it on their web browser. All types of data can be held in your storage space and you can, if you wish, restrict access to it much like you do when you lock a drawer, meaning that the information is private unless you give someone the key (usually by means of a user name and password).

When do I need web hosting?

Every website is hosted somewhere, so if you are looking to have your own website, then you will need a web host.  Many website developers (including BothyBiz) will offer you web hosting with your site. Others may offer free web hosting but flood your website with 3rd party advertising.

How do you choose a web host?

Carefully! Make sure that whoever you choose offers plenty of support, and also that they can prove the reliability of their hosting i.e. that your site is up and available 99% of the time. It’s also important that you be able to move your site if you decide to change web designers. Size also matters – make sure that the web hosting account allows you sufficient file space to run your website.

How much should I pay for web hosting?

Prices vary enormously and often depend where the hosting servers are physically kept.  You can pay less for servers based abroad, but may prefer to know that your data is hosted in the UK.  If a business came to us just looking for web hosting, we would charge £40 per annum for our UK based servers.

If in doubt, talk to us about your web hosting needs and we can point you in the right direction.