About Your Shop

product page on a BothyBiz shopThese days,  you want to sell goods and services you are missing a trick if you don’t have your own online Shop.  With Web Membership, you can set up and run your own shop, packed with features such as:

  • 100% ready for easy translation into any language.
  • Supports all major currencies.
  • Ready to go for tax and VAT.
  • Sell physical products or digital products (such as articles, books, training material)
  • Multiple shipping options.
  • Offer coupons and discounts
  • checput image on a BothyBiz shopFully integrated with Google Analytics eCommerce.
  • Unlimited product variations.
  • Stock tracking and alerts per variation.
  • Per order product limits.
  • Link any product to an external link (hello Amazon affiliates!).
  • Stock tracking and order management and alerts.
  • Fully customizable urls.
  • Tax inclusive pricing options.
  • Custom personalization fields.
  • Extensive tracking number options.

However, not only can you sell goods in your own shop, these are automatically listed for sale in the BothyBiz network shop – so you have double the chance of being found online.

You can even create a shop just to sell your favourite books as an Amazon affiliate, or have your own permanent car boot sale – the choice is yours!